To blog or not to blog.

This is the post excerpt.


To blog or not to blog, that is the question I have asked myself many times since the technological/social media era took over our lives.  I have always had a lot to say and have many opinions to share but wasn’t sure this platform was appropriate for someone of my slightly advanced age.  Not that I am an old man or anything but I am no millennial.  I grew up in a simpler time, talking on a rotary dial telephone with a shared line.  Listening to the lady upstairs after you picked up the receiver, before attempting to call your friend down the street, was considered cyber stalking.  Today the social media and blogging/vlogging influence on the world is not only frightening but leaves me curious as to its effects on our future generations.

As I personally journey down the educational road once again by being accepted into the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program, it was a pleasant surprise that one of the assignments was to create a blog.  Being a nurse and nurse educator made the decision of content for my blog quite simple. I wanted to create a blog site to help improve  nursing educators practice so that student nurses get every opportunity to learn with all the latest and greatest learning trends and styles.  I will post research articles on trends in adult learning, motivating students,  intelligence and many other interesting topics around education and learning.  I love to motivate, coach and educate people to be the best version of themselves that they can achieve.

From time to time I will also blog about more personal interests such as basketball coaching, motivating young people, my life as a husband/father and medical/surgical nursing.  Please join me in my new found interest in the world of blogging.

To blog or not to blog???  I guess I have answered this question.



Author: adulted4lifeblog

My name is Ryan Broekhuizen and I am a husband, father, teacher, nurse and coach. I guess I can add student to this list as of today. I am 47 years old and live in small town Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. I was a paper maker in a mill for 15 years since the age of 19. I then was laid off and became a Practical Nurse and worked in West Coast General Hospital since my graduation from the nursing program. During this time I married my beautiful wife Jessie and had our amazing two daughters (now 15 and 12 years old). I have coached basketball in our local high school for 9 years and created a basketball association hosting basketball camps in our valley for our youth. During my nursing career I was always involved in educating other staff and developing programs such as the Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum in our hospital. This lead me to becoming a Practical Nursing instructor at North Island College and started my PID education. I am an eager learner and always looking to educate myself to become the best version of myself that I can be.

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