Skyping the Trends

Trends in Adult Education: “Aha Moment” Post #3

As I was reading the article provided by my blog partner about game based learning I had a true “aha moment” when I realized that health care was one of the primary users of game based learning.  This made me think about how the program I am teaching in is not taking advantage of this current and relevant trend.  I reviewed many articles about how game based learning is used in health care and have posted one of these on my blog site in the trends in adult education section.  In the article, I discovered that these games have been created for many different health care professionals including nurses.   Virtual pain manger was one game created that I thought would be beneficial to the students in the program I am teaching in.  The article my partner posted as well as this article discuss bridging the gap between theory and practice which I believe is a key in nursing education.  Moving forward as a nursing instructor I can picture many learning opportunities that will provide relevant practical education using game based learning.  It is my impression that the new generation of adult learners would be motivated in this stimulating learning activity would be beneficial to the overall learning goals of the practical nursing program.


Skyping the Trends

Trends in Adult Education: Implications Post #2

As a new instructor, I am constantly thriving to improve so that my students receive the best learning opportunities available.  The learning trends discussed with my blog partner have the potential to improve the educational environment I work in.  Game based learning may have many useful tools in my future teaching experiences.  Virtual reality and simulation mannequins could be two resources I may use to improve the education provided to my nursing students.  Providing game based learning using virtual reality would be an asset to the nursing students as they would be able to participate in relevant pressure packed situations without the consequences of real life mistakes.  Observing my students and the decision making made in a risk-free environment would assist me with meeting their learning needs.  As the students work repetitively at the game they can practice an actively learn how complete tasks correctly with my guidance and feedback.  To prepare for this type of learning I would need to be educated on the use of the simulation mannequin and any virtual reality components we would choose to implement.  Having a good grasp on how these systems work would give me the benefit of being able to offer a stimulating and relevant learning environment.

Providing massive open online learning would be beneficial for nursing students to complete prerequisite courses prior to entry to the practical nursing program.  This method of education is being discussed right now with our faculty to offer an anatomy and physiology course that is necessary to begin the program.  This online learning would give our program flexibility with our start dates as waiting for this course to be completed has been a roadblock when determining program initiation.   Also, it could provide students opportunities to upgrade or review courses that would benefit their learning within the program that may not be offered.  For example, the theory of intravenous catheter insertion is offered in the practical nursing program but learning the actual skill is additional education.  Offering this skill education as an open online learning opportunity would cement the students’ knowledge with a much-needed skill in the workplace.  To prepare for this trend I would need to understand how to access these educational opportunities for my students and gain knowledge on how to assess the students learning in a practical setting.



Skyping the Trends

 Trends in Adult Education:  Post #1 Trends

Researching on the internet and discussing learning trends on Skype proved to be an excellent learning opportunity for me.  The two trends my partner and I discussed were game-based learning and massive open online courses or MOOCs.  Game based learning has the potential to be the next huge innovation in education.  The gaming industry has a worth of approximately 61 billion dollars and that shows potential for implementation with the next generation of adult learners.  MOOCs are a new and exciting way for employers to find tenacious and self-motivated learners that may not have the resources or connections to be accepted into some post-secondary institutions.

The gaming industry has a good grasp on the desires of the technologically savvy section of today’s society.  The attention span of the adult learner has become shorter and students become bored or detached more easily.  This makes keeping people engaged and motivated more difficult.  The interactive nature of game based learning keeps the students involved in relevant problem solving situations where reaching a goal or acquiring a skill could be the outcome.  Game based learning creates competition as the learner, through repetition, as learners attempt to perfect the skill in a virtual simulation without the anxiety created by failing in the real world.  The military and health care fields are the front runners in the application of game based education to train personnel.  With costs decreasing dramatically in gamed based learning and the endorsement of the military and health care, with the learning effectiveness, many other industries are joining this new learning revolution.

Online education has always been a viable option for many potential students.  Massive open online courses offer learners the information they want and skips the unnecessary sections of the curriculum.  The new business leader appears to have a desire for more job-related education which makes the option of online education more appealing.  As my partner and I discussed the lower cost of this type of education proves to be another piece that draws people to this choice of massive open online courses.  The need to be self-motivated and directed leads employers to these students as potential hires as it is believed they are tenacious learners.  The future landscape of education is ever changing and I think the massive open online courses will be a part of it.